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My name is Richard Howle,
I am proud to have been born and bred in Stoke on Trent, a city which I have always thought is a wonderful place to live in.

‘The Potteries’ as it is also known is a unique city that consists of 6 towns, each of these towns containing its own little communities which in turn were responsible for their own genre of industry. From the pottery towns of Burslem and Longton, to the coal mining villages of Fegg Hayes and Sneyd Green, the wharfs and sidings of Longport which once carried our exports all over the world. Each one is as individual as the next and each still carries the legacy of a bygone age in its buildings that remain.

It is the buildings, the architecture and the surroundings that are an inspiration for me, they provide a focal point to stop and stare and reflect on the thought that not too long ago they were a hive of activity. It is easy to imagine the potters with their white aprons, the coal miners with blackened faces and the railway engineers with their greasy boiler suits and flat caps.

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