On Line Activity During Covid-19 Lockdown.

We are running a restricted schedule of activities during the Covid-19 lockdown period.
Most of the activities will be available On LIne Only. However, later in the year we hope to arrange outdoor activities where social distance can be maintained. 

If you book one the external events please let us know. It will help us to understand members interest in future events.

Thursday 14th May
On Line Guest Speaker Sukhy Hullait

Sukhy will join us via Zoom for an interactive discussion 'What we have explored during lockdown'

Tuesday 16th June. 7:30pm
On Line Guest Speaker Tina K.

Tina is a professional music photographer best known for her work with rock stars and musicians.
In this exclusive event offered through Photography Experts, Tina talks about how she became a professional music photographer, and the mindset you need to make it, and the highs and lows of the job.

There is no charge for this talk. Please book in advance as numbers are limited. Book here ...

Friday 19th June. 7:30
On Line Guest Speaker Greg du Toit.

Greg is an African Wildlife specialist and previous winner of the coveted "Wildlife Photographer of the Year" competition.

Greg believes in the raw beauty of Africa and in the power of photography to give wild animals a voice. His photographs are of intimate moments that he has experienced in Wild Africa, which he shares with you. As such no bait, camera traps, digital manipulation or captive bred animals are ever used in his work.
This event is offered through Photography Experts.

The Charge is just £4.50 for this talk. Please book in advance as numbers are limited. Book here...

Wednesday 24th June
PI Competition

Deadline for entries is as always the Sunday prior.
On Line Competition. Digital PI only. Theme is Chaos.
Judy is running the competition again for an external judge to consider and mark the entries remotly.
Enter your images on line via the website. For details of how to enter, more information...

Monday 22nd June 6:30
On Line Guest Speaker Prof. dr. Jan van der Greef.

Prof. dr. Jan van der Greef is a renowned Fine Art Wildlife Photographer and highly inspirational and motivational speaker.
This is the first in a series of talks taken from Jan's evocative and inspirational book, Limitless Life: The Power of Passion and Imagination. Inspired by the chapter "Feathers of Seduction", Jan speaks of the gift from an uncle of a 19th-century book of birds. A book that had such a profound impact on the young Jan, that it ignited a quest to find the mystical White Bird-of-paradise. It is a journey around the globe and into to the self, that ends in the sentence 'We look at each other blissfully, and I know that I am the only person on earth who has ever seen this miracle...'
Following the presentation, there will be an extended opportunity for the audience to ask Jan questions. Those who have attended one of Jan's presentations will appreciate the depth of knowledge imparted and access to such a wonderful presenter - This event is an enhanced presentation revealing more and for fans of this book giving access to discuss with Jan your personal thoughts and observations.

Registrations for this event are £13.50, all joining details, technical support answers and a courtesy event reminder service are included at time of booking. Book here...

Thursday 25th June 7:30 UK
On Line Guest Speaker David Tipling.

David is a World Renowned Bird Photographer with images that hang in a number of galleries around the world. He also runs tours around the world and workshops in Norfolk.
In this exclusive event offered by Photography Experts David talks about being one of the World’s foremost bird photographer as well as being a professional wildlife photographer, the highs and the lows a that have sold over 300,000 books worldwide. David will also introduce his upcoming series of talk

There is no charge for this talk. Please book in advance as numbers are limited. Book here...