GDPR Policy

Data Protection Policy For 6towns  Photographic Club

The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) requires any organisation holding personal data to have a Data Protection Policy. This policy for 6Towns Photographic Club is available to view on the club website and can be provided in written format by requesting from any committee member.

1. Information Held
In order to be able to administer the running of the club, the Treasurer (Data Controller for the purposes of the GDPR) will maintain a record of club membership. This will consist of the following information:
Name, Address, Telephone numbers, email address.
Members may ask the Treasurer to show them the personal information held about them.

2. Reason that we need this information
The information held will be used to keep members informed of the club activities and other activities considered of interest to members to enable full participation.

3. Implied Consent
Under GDPR it is not necessary for members to give written consent for the club to hold this information. Existing and new members will be informed of the club policy on data protection. If they are content with the policy and do not object, there is an assumption of “implied consent”. This is the procedure that 6Towns Photographic Club operates.
Members are entitled to ask for reduced data or no data at all to be held on the database, however the committee may consider that this to be too restrictive for full participation in club activities and either refuse an application, refuse renewal or terminate a membership.

4. Use of the information held
The information held is for the administration of the club. It will not be passed on to any outside organisation or be used for any profit or gain.

5. Holding of the information
The data base is maintained by the Treasurer (Data Controller). A copy may also be held by the main committee, the Competition Secretary and Outdoor Events Secretary

6. Security of the information held
The copies of the data base (see Holding of Information above) will be kept by the committee members on their home computers and holders will take all reasonable precautions to prevent access to the data by third parties. 
If members are contacted by Group emails, the BCC format will normally be used to restrict the broadcast of member’s e mail addresses. However, some group communications may require email information to be shared to enable group participation. 

7. Information available to third parties
There will be occasions when the names of club members will be passed to third parties. Examples are, but not restricted to; Members images published on the club website or other media channel including news organisations.  The Implied Consent will cover the above activities
Digital EXIF data may be embedded within member’s image files submitted to the club, please remove this information if you do not wish this to be shared. 6Towns Photographic Club will not be responsible for removing this.

8. Disposal of Information Held
When a member ceases to belong to the club their personal information will be deleted from the database after three years.