Competitions - Submit Entries

Fully paid members only may submit entries into the competitions at 6Towns Photographic Club. Although competitions by their very nature are competitive we encourage our external judges to provide a valuable critique during the judging process so that we may learn more and understand the judge's thought process.  

Entries are accepted as mounted and digital images only.
You may enter up to a maximum of 3 prints and or digital images.

If you have layers in your image be sure to flatten the image, select sRGB or RGB and tick the 8Bit/ =channel.

Digital Projected Images:-
Maximum of 1400 pixels wide and no more than 1050 pixels high.
Landscape orientation images can be no more than 1400 pixels wide.x 1050 pixels high.
Portrait images should be 1050 pixels in height (by definition will be narrower than 1400 pixels wide.
Square images should be 1050 x 1050 pixels.
Save as JPEG or JPG

Images MUST have a title. SUBMIT image with file name ONLY in the format shown here  01 The Lighthouse or 02 The Lighthouse etc
The 01 is the sequence of the images as it will be displayed, followed by ONE SPACE and the title of the Image
Please resize your image before sending to Ian Crowe our Competition Secretary by email by the deadline indicated. Late images will not be accepted.

Print Images
Prints should ONLY be presented as Mounted images. The mount should be a maximum of 40cm x 50cm and minimum of 30cm x 40cm.
Images MUST have a title clearly printed on the reverse along with your name.

Please email your digital image directly to me at and advise if you are brining prints on the evening.


Ian Crowe
Competition Secretary

NB. Non members are welcome to join us as guests but cannot participate in competitions.